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The REGENERATOR SF-01 physiotherapy device is manufactured using high-quality materials combined with advanced processing technologies. The design of the device, electronic components, and software are designed and produced by specialists from SPHERE LIFE based on technological drawings and schematics developed for the optimal solution of set tasks. The REGENERATOR SF-01 is designed for general physiotherapy procedures aimed at intensifying all ion exchange processes in the human body, accelerating detoxification processes, and neutralizing various organic toxins of both endogenous and exogenous origin. It is also intended for the rehabilitation of patients in the postoperative or post-traumatic period.


SKU: 364215376135191
  • REGENERATOR SF-01 belongs to the type of systems used in traditional therapy for various conditions as an auxiliary complex. The device's design allows for its installation in medical facilities equipped with additional forced ventilation. In the biological object located in the area of high-intensity electric field created by special radiators, the separation of charges into anion-cation components occurs in equal parts. The increased density of opposite charges allows for the acceleration of all ion exchange processes.

    Please contact the manufacturer or official representative of the product for more detailed information on technical specifications, usage instructions, and any other specific questions regarding the product.

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