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Yuri Mykulyak
I was so overwhelmed by the COVID illness that even at the age of 39, I began to think about my will. However, a friend who called for some reason recommended undergoing procedures with some new experimental device for recovery. I didn't have the energy to go anywhere, and I didn't really have the desire, but my friend insisted on this new method of treatment. Later, two guys with a device came to my house, and in simple terms, they explained the essence of this method. What I liked was that I didn't have to swallow any pills or liquids because my liver couldn't handle prolonged treatment anymore. Just 5 minutes of breathing in the "post-rain" atmosphere (because it smelled like ozone), a slight dizziness, and a pleasant feeling of relief for the whole body. Later, somehow my mood improved, and my appetite returned. After 3 daily procedures of 5 minutes each, I felt almost healthy, and my body quickly recovered on its own. Thanks to the guys, they really helped!

Yuri Mikulyak

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